CMA president issues statement in response to shooting that took the life of OC physician John Cheng, M.D.

May 16, 2022

California Medical Association President Robert E. Wailes, M.D., issued the following statement after this weekend's shooting in Laguna Woods:

"Our nation continues to be plagued by an epidemic of gun violence. Physicians as healers are often on the front lines of these tragic events, treating the wounds of the victims of gun violence. Today, we learned that one of our own – John Cheng, M.D. – took heroic measures to stop another act of senseless gun violence, and in the process gave his life to save others. 

Dr. Cheng, a prominent Orange County sports medicine doctor, bravely tackled and attempted to disarm a gunman who opened fire at a Laguna Woods church on Sunday. Officials said that were it not for the actions of Dr. Cheng, there most certainly would have been many more lives lost. The California Medical Association – and the physicians of California – mourn this tragic loss of life and offer our deepest condolences to Dr. Cheng’s family, friends, colleagues and patients. 

Policies to prevent such senseless tragedies are long overdue. An overwhelming majority of Americans support common sense gun reforms. We cannot stand idly by while more innocent victims are struck down by weapons that have no place on our streets. We must demand action and bring some sanity to our nation's gun laws. "


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