CMA issues statement on the death of Palm Springs physician David Duffner, M.D.

February 15, 2020

Riverside County Medical Association President Bruce Holmblad, M.D., and California Medical Association President Peter Bretan, M.D., released the following statement following the death of Palm Springs physician David Duffner, M.D.:

“We are heartbroken by the death of our friend and colleague, David Duffner. Dr. Duffner gave his life in service to his patients, the work he had dedicated his life to for more than 30 years. He was a community leader, an accomplished surgeon and an even better person who moved from Texas to serve the Coachella Valley with distinction for decades. As we grieve for his family, his patients and our community, and come to terms with this senseless act of violence and unbearable loss, we must also ensure we do everything we can to ensure the physicians office is a safe place for doctors and patients alike, and to prevent horrible incidents like the one that has rocked our community.”


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