Model Medical Staff Bylaws Webinar: Help for California Physicians

January 23, 2020

Medical staff bylaws can be complicated, detailed and potentially dangerous for physicians and their patients if not done correctly. Medical staff bylaws are the cornerstone for effective medical staff self-governance and provide the necessary legal and professional structure for medical staff operations. The California Medical Association (CMA) Model Medical Staff Bylaws are the definitive guide for medical staffs, providing details on professional and legal structures to support effective medical staff operations and self-governance.

CMA is hosting a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, March 3, at 12:15 p.m. to provide medical staffs with an overview of CMA’s Model Medical Staff Bylaws, and how physicians—and the professionals who assist them—can put the bylaws to work.

This webinar—presented by Medical staff attorney Libby Snelson—will provide you with tools necessary to support effective medical staff operations and self-governance. Registration is free for CMA members and their staff, and for representatives from CMA Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) member hospitals. (OMSS members can email vtravis@cmadocs.org for a coupon code.)


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