CMA seeking nominations for mode-of-practice forum delegates

May 20, 2013

The California Medical Association (CMA) Committee on Nominations is seeking nominations for CMA mode of practice forum delegate and alternate delegate seats for the two-year term commencing July 1, 2013. Members interested in serving as a delegate or alternate delegate for their mode of practice forum should contact their county medical society executive or the forum chair or staff. Current delegates and alternates whose terms are expiring and who are interested in re-election are eligible for nomination to another term. Nominations will be accepted through June 14.

Once the slate of nominees is compiled, forum members will receive electronic ballots for elections to be conducted in early July.

CMA’s Mode of Practice Forums include the Solo and Small-Group Practice Forum, the Medium Group Practice Forum, the Large Group Practice Forum, the Very Large Group Practice Forum, the Academic Practice Forum, the Administrative Medicine Forum, the Government-Employed Physicians Forum and the Hospital-Based Physicians Forum. Membership in these forums is determined by each member’s self-selected mode of practice.

Contact: Homa Neely, (916) 551-2073 or hneely@cmadocs.org.

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