IMQ seeking physician surveyors for Corrections and Detentions Health Care Program

March 17, 2016
Area(s) of Interest: Physician Leadership 

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ), a subsidiary of the California Medical Association, is looking for physicians interested in participating in the IMQ Corrections and Detentions Health Care Program. The program currently has a dearth of physician surveyors, and a wealth of opportunity.  

Your participation can make a difference in ensuring that jails maintain a high quality of care, including in areas such as infection control, health screenings, medication administration, etc.

The corrections program has many surveys lined up, and has just secured a contract in a major county to provide consultations. Surveys are scheduled throughout the state of California and provide surveyors with a chance to visit counties from Humboldt to San Diego, and everything in between. This program is rapidly growing; your time contributions will make a huge difference.


  • Because of the disproportionately high health needs of jail inmates and their relatively low access to health services outside of custody, jail systems are important providers of health care in California. In 2012, there were nearly 2.3 million health care visits provided to California’s county jail inmates.

  • The prevalence of tuberculosis among inmates is as much as 17 times greater than among the total U.S. population. The prevalence of AIDS among inmates is five times higher than among the total U.S. population

IMQ is seeking physicians with some experience in correctional medicine, emergency medicine or urgent care. However, if you are not familiar with corrections, we will prepare you.

Contact: Kevin Reeder, (415) 882-5132 or kreeder@imq.org.

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