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February 06, 2011
Area(s) of Interest: Payor Issues and Reimbursement 

Blue Cross recently expanded the list of outpatient diagnostic imaging services requiring preauthorization. in a November notice, Blue Cross announced that effective March 1, physicians performing stress echocardiography, resting transthoracic echocardiography, and transesophageal echocardiography outpatient diagnostic imaging services will be required to obtain authorization before the services are performed.

At the request of the California Medical Association, Blue Cross has agreed to conduct a webinar to help physicians and their office staff understand the new preauthorization process. The webinar will be Feb. 16, from 12-1:30 pm, and will also provide an opportunity to ask questions about the new process.

In August 2009, Blue Cross implemented a voluntary pre-notification for these services. That voluntary process will now transition to a required preauthorization on March 1.

Physicians who have not participated in the voluntary pre-notification process or are not familiar with the American Imaging Management (AIM) cardiology authorization process are strongly encouraged to participate in the Blue Cross webinar.

A list of cardiology outpatient diagnostic imaging services that will require a prior authorization can be found in the notice. Physicians can request an authorization via the Blue Cross website's Provider Portal, through the AIM portal, or by phone at 877-291-0366.

Contact: CMA's reimbursement helpline 888-401-5911 or email Jodi Black.


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