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The CMA Telehealth Resource Center is a compilation of the best available resources to help physicians implement and utilize telehealth in their practices. These resources have been thoroughly vetted by CMA to present only the most relevant resources.

The resources listed ican be sorted by category, topic, type and source to help physicians find the tools that address the specific issues they are facing. New resources will be added to this center regularly, so please check back often for updates.

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This checklist incorporates prompts of what one needs to consider when implementing a new telehealth site or service within their organization.

| Categories: Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center, Forms, Templates and Checklists, Implementing Telehealth, General | Tags: Telehealth implementation checklist

This brief includes some general considerations to take when implementing telehealth in addition to tools used to guide the implementation process.

| Categories: American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Forms, Templates and Checklists, Implementing Telehealth, General | Tags: implementation

This webinar series will cover all aspects of implementing telehealth in a medical practice – selecting a platform, reimbursement rules and patient interactions. The webinar series will have an emphasis on the use of telehealth in Medi-Cal.

| Categories: California Medical Association (CMA), Education and Training, Implementing Telehealth, General | Tags: Implementation, Solo and Small Group Practice, Medium-Sized Practice, Webinar

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