Partner Organizations

CMA’s subsidiaries and partners work together to advance CMA’s overarching strategic vision. Though each is a separate entity, their collective success reinforces CMA’s support of physicians throughout the various stages and across the various aspects of their medical practices. The synergistic nature of each project, what we call CMA’s virtuous cycle, means that achievement in one area drives success in another. In 2020, we will continue to expand our subsidiary impact in concert across CMA’s larger corporate structure, all focused on improving physicians’ ability to enjoy professional satisfaction and deliver high-quality patient care.

CMA's foundation, PHC is dedicated to improving community health, growing a diverse physician workforce and promoting health equity.

CMA's political action committee, CALPAC supports candidates for state and federal office who share CMA's philosophy and vision of the future of health care.

The CMA Alliance is a volunteer organization for physician spouses/partners, physicians and physicians-in- training. 

CMA and its county medical societies work together to represent California’s physicians as the recognized voice of the medical profession.

CMA Wellness empowers physicians to improve practice life and professional fulfillment to enhance patient quality of care and public health.

CMA Physician Services ensures physicians can practice in the modality of their choosing, armed with best-in-class tools and technologies.

Specialty societies are represented in CMA’s decision-making through CMA's Specialty Delegation to the CMA House of Delegates.

CMA builds productive, collaborative and beneficial partnerships with organizations committed to CMA’s core mission of serving our members. 


Counties and CMA: Working Together for the Well-Being of all California Physicians

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