Media Ambassadors

As someone who serves on the front lines of health care delivery, elected officials and policymakers need to hear your voice to make informed policy, legislation and regulations. CMA provides media training, ghostwriting assistance and other resources to share your powerful experiences and expertise with the public. 

Influence the Conversation

Social Media Ambassadors

Are you active on social media? Brand new and would love more tips and training? CMA's Social Media Ambassador program provides training, advice and content to help keep your colleagues and other medical professionals informed, connected and engaged. Learn More

Media Surrogates

Participating in media interviews and authoring op-eds is one of the most time-efficient and effective ways to advocate for your patients, colleagues and profession. CMA's Media Surrogates program makes it easy by providing logistical support and messaging to make you the go-to physician voice in your community. Learn More








Organizational Structure

Join a committee, connect with colleagues and better understand CMA’s governance structure.