Submit a Resolution

Influence the California Medical Association's (CMA) advocacy agenda by submitting a policy resolution. Resolutions can address any medical practice or health-related topic, as well as policies governing the activities of organized medicine, subject to the limitations of what can be reasonably achieved by CMA. Once accepted for consideration, your proposal will be vetted by one of CMA's Standing Councils or Subcommittees, which are comprised of subject matter experts.

"Good policy" is specific enough to stand alone and be understood - and is written such that CMA may utilize the values and intent to apply to a myriad of advocacy applications. CMA's rules also exclude commendation resolutions and calling for the endorsement of policies or documents created by non-CMA parties, such as specific pieces of legislation. Resolutions that reiterate existing policy are automatically added to the re-affirmation calendar and are not discussed or debated.

Rules and Guidelines

Learn how to develop and format a resolution prior to submission. For additional questions, please email us.