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State law requires that all health plan physician contracts be fair, reasonable and consistent with California rules and regulations. Physicians should give careful consideration to the value a contract will bring to a practice, which means considering the terms, administrative requirements/burden of doing business with the payor, and volume of enrollees in the geographic area, to name a few, before making a final decision. Physicians are reminded that they do not need to accept substandard contracts. 

It’s important that physicians fully understand the vast range of legal and practical implications associated with the execution of any contract for the delivery of medical services or the associated management and administrative services. What you don't know can hurt your patients and your medical practice.

Whether it is assessing a contract proposal during negotiations, an annual review of your existing contracts, or general questions about what a particular contract provision means, before signing on the bottom line check out the FREE resources available to California Medical Association (CMA) members.

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