Free PPE for Medical Practices

Due to ongoing disruption in personal protective equipment (PPE) supply and increasing demand, the California Medical Association (CMA), with the help of the State of California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) is providing PPE at no cost to practices who are experiencing challenges in procuring PPE and/or facing financial hardship due to increasing costs. CMA is collecting a nominal shipping and handling fee per order to offset the actual costs associated with managing the program, which include warehousing, packing and freight preparation and actual shipping costs.

To place an order, visit ppereliefdirect.org.

Free Medical-Grade PPE for Medical Practices

To place an order, click on the button below to visit our PPE Relief Direct portal. We will offer this program for as long as we have supply available. If you have questions, please contact CMA Member Services at (800) 786-4262 or through our contact form.

CMA’s COVID-19 Resources

CMA has been closely monitoring the impact COVID-19 is having on physician practices across the state. CMA has been advocating on many fronts for appropriate relief and regulatory flexibility so the physicians of California can provide quality care to patients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. CMA has also developed a wide array of resources to help physicians during the public health emergency. All of these resources are available FREE to physicians, regardless of their membership status.


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