GME Webinar Series

A Primer on Designing GME in Rural Clinical Facilities

To grow and diversify the physician workforce, Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC), the Butte-Glenn Medical Society (BGMS) Residency Task Force and Paradise Medical Group have launched a free webinar series to offer innovative technical advice and solutions to meet rural California’s critical access to care needs.

Physicians, practice managers and providers can expect to learn the foundational elements of preparing clinical facilities to successfully design medical residency programs. Participants will strategize with experienced experts to maximize resources and leverage community support towards building a GME program.

Recorded Webinar Videos

If you are unable to join any of the live webinars, they will be posted here for on-demand playback. You can also see CMA's full on-demand webinar library here.

GME Webinar Series: Partners: A Two-Year Journey (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: Feasibility Studies and Business Plans (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: State Efforts to Expand Residency Programs (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: ACGME Requirement Changes in the Last Decade: What You Need to Expect from Residents Now (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: Designing GME in Rural Clinical Facilities (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: Expand or Create New Residency Programs? (FACT SHEET)



GME Webinar Series: Focus on Community: Lessons from the Camp Fire



GME Webinar Series: Board Certified Physicians: Key to Continuity Sites

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