CalHHS Data Exchange Framework

Every Californian, no matter where we live, should be able to walk into a doctor’s office, a county social services agency, or an emergency room, and be assured health and social services providers can access the information they need to provide safe, effective, whole-person care—while keeping our data private and secure. This is the purpose of the California’s Health and Human Services (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF), a first ever, required statewide data sharing agreement to connect and expand the secure exchange of health and social services information.

CMA has partnered with CalHHS to provide education and training to physician practices and medical groups who sign the data sharing agreement and implement the related set of policies and procedures.

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About the Data Exchange Framework

Once implemented across California, the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) will create new connections and efficiencies among health and social services providers, improving whole-person care. The DxF is California’s first-ever statewide data sharing agreement that requires the secure and appropriate exchange of health and social services information to enable providers to work together and improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.

The DxF Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) is a signed agreement and shared commitment between hospitals, physician organizations and medical groups, skilled nursing facilities, health plans and disability insurers, clinical laboratories, acute psychiatric hospitals, and other voluntary signatories to securely and appropriately share information. This ensures that all health and social services providers have quick and easy access to the information needed to safely and effectively treat California’s patients.

To join the Data Exchange Framework, many health entities are required by law to sign the DxF DSA and follow a common set of terms, conditions, and obligations that promote whole-person care. Entities that sign the DxF DSA are generally required to fully implement the DxF by January 31, 2024, facilitating the secure and appropriate exchange of health and social services information. Some entities, including physician practices with fewer than 25 physicians, acute psychiatric hospitals, and rural general acute care hospitals, will have until January 31, 2026, to fully implement the DxF.

DxF Events

Below are upcoming CMA events related to health information technology and data exchange. Also see the CalHHS data exchange webinars.

CMA has partnered with CHHS to develop the CMA Data Exchange Explainer Series. This series of webinars will walk practices through the various considerations in implementing robust data exchange. All six webinars in the series are available for on-demand viewing here.

The DSA Signatory Grant Program

CHHS Center for Data Insights and Innovation has allocated up to $47 million for the Data Sharing Agreement Signatory Grant Program, which will provide direct support to health care entities as they implement the DxF. There will be two grant options—onboarding grants and technical assistance grants. The program opened for applications on May 16, 2023.

Have data exchange questions or need help with DxF implementation? Please reach out to our team using this form or email us at DxFQuestions@cmadocs.org

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