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The California Medical Association's (CMA) success is rooted in our ability to effectively connect, communicate and engage with physicians. That means having a bold brand and modern website to reinforce our mission through impactful design, messaging and imagery. 

However, CMA’s website had not been significantly updated since 2011, and our logo family was disjointed and no longer reflected our shared mission. After months of gathering feedback from members and leadership, CMA launched the next generation of our brand and website in 2018 – powerful recruitment and engagement tools to keep CMA at the forefront of an ever-changing health care landscape.

The new website was designed to drive member engagement, clearly communicate positions/initiatives, demonstrate value to physicians and position CMA as a go to resource for health care in California.

The updated logo family was the result of an intensive discovery and design process that explored many unique concepts before landing on a modernized version of CMA’s current logo to reinforce our mission and primary audience: physicians. Polling shows that the public is unclear who the “California Medical Association” represents since the name lacks specificity. Thus, we decided our logo must include a Rod of Asclepius, the serpent-entwined rod commonly associated with healing and medicine, as well as the plus sign (+) and leaf shape to denote growth and vitality. And realizing brand consistency was key, we cascaded an abridged version of CMA’s logo to the component medical societies and CMA’s foundation, Physicians for a Healthy California.



CMA is proud to demonstrate a cohesive and consistent brand across all communication channels, including 37 county medical societies, a political action committee, a foundation and other partners.

CMA's modernized brand and website also sends a bold message to future physicians that we remain ready to embrace tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Much has changed since 1856, but our mission has remained constant: to promote the science and art of medicine, protect public health, and better the medical profession.


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