Telehealth and CMA Physician Services' Amwell Partnership

Amwell Partnership

CMA Physician Services and Amwell, the nation’s leading telehealth platform, have partnered to provide all California physicians with access to a turnkey telehealth solution. Links here and more information below.

Telehealth Overview

Telehealth allows physician to stay connected and provide care to patients without an in-person visit by utilizing audio and video technologies. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the public health benefits of telehealth are clear, ensuring the continuation of care in a way that reduces the likelihood of infection and transmission and eases the strain on the delivery system. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that care be delivered virtually during the COVID-19 crisis as the best way to protect patients, physicians and medical staff.

The California Medical Association (CMA) recognizes reimbursement for telehealth has been a barrier, however the laws are rapidly changing on both the state- and federal-level in the face of COVID-19. More information on reimbursement changes can be found in CMA’s COVID-19 Telehealth Response.

CMA Physician Services and Amwell Telehealth Solution Offerings

In the midst of COVID-19, CMA recognizes that physicians and their practices need to be able to continue to see their patients under their current payer contracts and finding a solution that can be implemented quickly, easily, and securely is of utmost importance.

CMA Physician Services, Inc. has partnered with Amwell, the nation’s leading telehealth platform, to provide all California physicians with access to a turnkey telehealth solution, enabling the delivery of virtual care to patients in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Aligned in mission, this partnership seeks to ensure that California physicians are able to practice in the modality of their choosing, armed with the best-in-class tools and technologies. View the press release here.

Of course, there are many telehealth solutions to choose from – from EHR-integrated applications to standalone offerings, including some temporary solutions for use during the COVID-19 crisis. All have benefits and costs and CMA encourages each physician and their practice to consider all their options to determine what works for you.  

More details on solution offerings and criteria can be found in CMA’s COVID-19 Telehealth Response.

Amwell's Private Practice

CMA and Amwell have created a virtual Private Practice offering for physicians in California. The Private Practice builds on Amwell’s world-class enterprise platform but is customized to best serve the needs of practices of 1 to 100 physicians. This solution can be implemented quickly but is designed to support a practice in the long-term, as telehealth has become a fundamental part of the way health care is delivered. 

California physicians have access to Amwell’s Private Practice platform at a discounted rate for the next twelve months. The telehealth solution can be branded for each private practice and enables physicians to continue to see their own patients and operate under their own payer contracts.

Amwell’s Private Practice offering includes:

  • A branded telehealth practice with clinical workflows
  • Online physician enrollment and onboarding
  • E-learning assets with virtual video trainings for physicians and staff
  • Communication and marketing materials to promote your practice
  • Scheduled appointments with your patients
  • Ability to collect patient payments at the time of a visit
  • Reporting and visit summaries to assist with documentation and billing

Amwell Private Practice pricing:

  • One Time Setup Fee: Discounted to $250
  • Monthly Fee: $150 per provider, minimum $500 per month
  • Monthly Fees waived through May 2020, during COVID-19

 To learn more and sign up for Amwell's Private Practice platform, please visit providers.amwell.com/private-practice-cma.

Amwell Medical Group

To help meet the surging demand for care, any California licensed physician can also sign up through CMA to see new patients through Amwell’s affiliated clinical partner, the Amwell Medical Group (AMG). AMG is an NCQA-certified virtual medical group that practices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year, delivering urgent care and behavioral health care to patients on Amwell’s telehealth platform. 

To learn more and sign up for AMG, please visit providers.amwell.com/cma.


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