NP Scope Expansion Bill Is Moving Forward - Vote No on AB 890!

AB 890, introduced by Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS, grants full practice authority to nurse practitioners (NP). This bill would remove critical patient protections by allowing NPs to practice without physician supervision.

AB 890 is merely an outline of a major policy change, which lacks critical details related to nurse practitioner competency requirements, scope limitations, requirements to actually serve underserved populations or regions, and many other details. As it stands, it is a dangerous bill to move forward and will still do nothing to improve access to health care in California. Additionally, AB 890 raises the costs of health care due to NPs ordering more imagining services, tests and pharmaceuticals.

This bill passed the Assembly and is now in the Senate; we anticipate it will be voted on in mid July!

Contact your Senator now to ensure patient safety is protected!

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