NP Scope Bill (AB 890) Will Not Improve Access to Care

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AB 890 would NOT increase access to care:

"If the argument is for the expansion of care...how does that not impact the state some way as far as more Medi-Cal...dollars being spent?"

Just listen to the bill's author, Assemblymember Jim Wood, ask that question about a past nurse practitioner (NP) independent practice bill. The same question applies to his own bill, AB 890.

The California Senate is set to vote on a bill that would grant full practice authority to nurse practitioners (NPs). This bill (AB 890, Wood) would remove critical patient protections by allowing NPs to practice without physician supervision. The bill could be heard on the Senate Floor this week. People are urged to contact their legislators now and ask them to protect patient safety and vote NO on AB 890.

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Talking Points

  • AB 890 is poorly written, which is why the Medical Board of California and the Board of Registered Nursing are opposed.
  • This bill asks the nursing board to develop standards for the practice of medicine, which is beyond their expertise and represents a danger to patient safety.
  • NPs do not have adequate training or years of education to be qualified to practice medicine without physician oversight.
  • Allowing practitioners to practice without physician supervision threatens patient safety, while also increasing overall health care costs due to overutilization of diagnostic tests and improper specialty referrals by undertrained nurse practitioners.

Use our form to ask your legislators to VOTE NO on AB 890!

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