CMA Doc: David Goldschmid, M.D.

September 15, 2018
Area(s) of Interest: Cultural Competency Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine 

Name:David Goldschmid, M.D.

City:Redwood City

Specialty:Emergency Medicine, Internal medicine

Member Since:1981


“I do what must be done to help people feel better, regardless of their socio-economic status,” said Dr. Goldschmid, ” –David Goldschmid, M.D.

Bay Area physician David Goldschmid, M.D., today was named the 2018 recipient of the Physicians for a Healthy California’s Adarsh S. Mahal, M.D., Access to Health Care & Disparities Award. This award recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated extraordinary interest and efforts toward improving access to health care or reducing health care disparities in California. It was presented at the 2018 Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations (NEPO) annual Summit in Pasadena.

During his 33+ years in the Bay Area, Dr. Goldschmid has dedicated his career to improving access to health care in the San Mateo and San Francisco Counties. He has a long history of improving community health and promoting health equity, serving 30 years at Seton Medical Center with 25 of those as its medical director of the emergency department.

“I do what must be done to help people feel better, regardless of their socio-economic status,” said Dr. Goldschmid

In 2012, Dr. Goldschmid became involved with Clinic by the Bay, a free, volunteer-powered health clinic that provides high-quality, primary care to the hard-working but uninsured members in its community. His current role is that of Medical Director, where he has been able to initiate and expand several programs including: health coaching, telemedicine consultation with many other subspecialists, and remote interpretation.

Dr. Goldschmid also continues to work as an internist for the San Mateo County Health System in its clinics seeing underinsured people. “I just want to take care of people,” he said. Through his dedication and passion, Dr. Goldschmid works tirelessly to do just that for those who may not otherwise receive the health care they need – and deserve.

After receiving his medical degree in 1975 from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Dr. Goldschmid continued his medical training by interning at the Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, then completing his residency at Jewish General Hospital of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Dr. Goldschmid completed his fellowship in Endocrinology in 1981 at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Leaving Canada for California to establish his private practice, Dr. Goldschmid decided to forgo the insurance nuances faced by private practices and took on the challenges of working in the emergency room where he could spend more time caring for patients without having to pre-screen patients for coverage. In 1985, Dr. Goldschmid joined the staff at Seton Medical Center in Daly City and remained on staff until 2014, while serving as the medical director for 25 years. During his time at Seton Hospital, Dr. Goldschmid discovered several systematic problems in the health care delivery system, leading to the establishment of a trauma system in San Mateo County.

Dr. Goldschmid is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He currently resides in Redwood City.


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