Improving Medi-Cal Access

Medi-Cal provides essential health coverage to one in three Californians and is foundational to the state’s health care delivery system and economy

Thanks to Medi-Cal, Californians don’t go without health care coverage and receive critical health services, but much work remains to improve access to care. 

We know we can do better for Californians.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Share your unique experience as a Medi-Cal patient, physician or health care professional. Whether your experience has been good or bad, your story will help shed light on why the Medi-Cal system is vitally important to every Californian. 

Your story can help CMA explain why we must improve access for Medi-Cal beneficiaries in a sustainable manner. 

Share Your Story

Fill out our short web form.

In a few sentences, please tell us about your experiences – both positive and negative – with Medi-Cal, either as a physician or as a patient.

  • Have you had trouble finding a physician who takes Medi-Cal in your community?
  • Would you have to drive a great distance to find a physician who takes Medi-Cal?
  • Have you had trouble finding a specialist who would take you?
  • How has Medi-Cal been an essential lifeline for you and your family?
  • Do you face lengthy wait times for an appointment (weeks? Months?)?
  • Have your patients had a hard time getting in to see specialists you recommend?
  • Have you enjoyed treating members of your community on Medi-Cal?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your Medi-Cal physician?


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