Take action now! Protect Patient-Centered Care From Corporatization

SB 642 by Senator Kamlager was introduced to protect physicians and their patients from the increased intrusion of non-medical entities into the provision of care. Too often, physician-recommended care is delayed or overturned by lay entities because of ulterior, non-clinical motives that decrease access, delay treatment, lead to poorer health outcomes and drive up costs. SB 642 stops such practices by prohibiting health care companies from threatening patient access to comprehensive care by unilaterally adopting policies that ignore medical staffs’ primary responsibility of patient care.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, April 28. It is important that the committee members know that SB 642 is a timely and important piece of legislation that will modernize California law to respond to the conditions that patients and physicians are currently facing and refocus the delivery of care to be patient-centered rather than corporate-focused.

Please ask your Senator to vote YES on SB 642!

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