Take action now! Support bill to reduce administrative burdens

Senator Richard Pan, M.D., introduced SB 250 to reduce administrative burdens in physician practices and so physicians can spend more time dedicated to patient care.

Reducing or alleviating physician practices of unnecessary administrative burdens will increase efficiency, improve patient care outcomes and increase practice viability.

SB 250 will reform the prior authorization process by using the data health plans already collect in their current utilization review system – prior authorization records. The bill would also streamline the billing process in hospital settings by calling on payors to collect enrollee cost-sharing amounts directly, based on the agreements they make with their enrollees.

SB 250 will be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, March 10. It is important that the committee members know that SB 250 is an important piece of legislation that will allow physicians to spend more time coordinating care with patients with chronic and complex conditions and/or increase access to care by seeing more patients.   

Contact your Senator today to ask for their AYE vote on SB 250.

For more information, read CMA sponsored bill would reduce administrative burdens in physician practices.

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