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Back in 2014, when the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) was last threatened at the ballot box by Proposition 46, hospital medical staffs contributed nearly $3 million dollars to the California Medical Association (CMA) Political Education Fund (PEF). This nonprofit fund helped CMA provide physicians with the training and educational materials needed to advocate for MICRA to their patients.

Over the course of this new, renewed campaign to protect MICRA, medical staff offices will receive invitations to order materials and attend trainings and other events. If your medical staff has not yet made a contribution to the Political Education Fund, please email mscheindlin@cmadocs.org to set up a brief presentation about MICRA at your next MEC meeting.

Download the PEF MICRA Contribution Form here. 

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General MICRA Campaign Questions: Micah Scheindlin

Media and Messaging Questions: Anthony York

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