The CMA House of Delegates (HOD) consists of more than 500 delegates elected by members of component medical societies, specialty societies, and CMA sections and forums, representing virtually every mode of practice and region of the state.

CMA’s House of Delegates convenes annually to debate on the most important issues affecting members, the Association, and the practice of medicine. Actionable reports on those topics are presented and debated, and educational speakers are often invited to provide additional insight. The House also addresses any other issues referred to it by the Board of Trustees, including any changes to the Bylaws, matters regarding charters, etc. During Annual Session, the House elects officers, honors members for their service, and receives important updates about the activities of the Association in the past year.

Delegates and Alternates are elected to serve in the House via several pathways, depending on the structure of each delegation. Click here to see the 2022 House of Delegates roster

While only Delegates can address the House during Annual Session, any CMA member may present testimony (i.e., speak for or against a recommendation) during the online testimony period of the Major Issues. This is similar to how Members can submit written testimony on submitted resolutions that are accessible via their account dashboard.

For more information about becoming a member of CMA’s House of Delegates, contact your local component medical society or Navdeep Dhaliwal in CMA’s Center for Governance.


New to the House of Delegates?

Join the Speaker of the House for the New Delegate Orientation on Tuesday, October 17. The Speaker will review CMA's organizational structure and governance, with emphasis on the HOD: what it is and how it fits in, how it functions, how to participate effectively. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the process. Register now.

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