Associate Director, Political Operations

TITLE: Associate Director, Political Operations

DIVISION: Government Relations

REPORTS TO: Senior Director, Political Operations



POSITION SUMMARY: To increase the presence and influence of the Association by identifying, recruiting and retaining physician participation in strategic programs and campaigns to support the grassroot efforts of the Centers for State Government Relations, Federal Relations and Political Operations. To work with local medical societies to develop and maintain coordinated local tactical campaigns to increase the number of relationships and contacts between physician members and elected officials.


  • Identifies, recruits, trains and retains physician activists with the ability and capacity to foster and maintain positive, strategic relationship with state and federal elected officials.

  • Acts as liaison to Component Medical Society executive directors, to ensure local societies are both informed of and supporting the efforts of the State Government Relations and Federal Relations Centers.

  • Ensures program accountability by developing and executing mechanism for determining and reporting on measurements of success to provide on-going quality improvement.

  • Develops and deploys legislative campaigns to increase physician input on priority legislation.

  • Manages policymaker contact campaigns through Phone2Action platform.

  • Plans and executes the Association's annual lobby day and surrounding activities.

  • Serves as an effective communication channel between the Medical Executive Conference and the Senior Director and the Centers on State and Federal Government Relations.    

  • Serves as an effective communication channel between participating physician activists and the Senior Director.

  • Works with the Specialty Delegation to ensure the appropriate coordination on legislative campaigns.

  • Develops content and materials for articles within Association newsletter, email blast, etc.

  • Develops and maintains accurate list of physician members for recruitment and legislative campaigns.

  • Develops and executes specific programs and events aligned with the Association’s objectives, such as political party convention activism or other strategic events.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Senior Director consistent with the mission and responsibility of the Centers within his or her portfolio. 

Frequent contact with physician activist, component medical society staff and physician leadership, specialty society staff and physician leadership, as well as the Centers on State and Federal Government Relations, Center on Political Operations and Center on Communications.


  • Highly responsible with a strong work ethic and responsiveness to deadlines.

  • Have excellent organizational, written and oral communication skills

  • Must be able to work independently as well as part of a team.

  • Must be comfortable talking in front of large groups

  • Must have a bachelor's degree in related field of study or previous online organizing, campaigning and/or communication experience.

  • Willing to travel post-pandemic

  • Must be Microsoft competent

  • Knowledge of ClearVantage Database a plus

  • Knowledge of Phone2Action a plus

(This job description reflects the general level and nature of the job.  It is not intended to be all inclusive.)

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