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CMA Works For You

The California Medical Association (CMA) works tirelessly on behalf of its more than 48,000 members to support physician-led advocacy from legislation and policy-making to regulatory and legal affairs to practice management and reimbursement assistance.

In 2019, CMA won key victories to improve public health, expand access to care, remove administrative burdens and ensure physicians are fairly compensated for the work they do. We will build on these victories in the new year to ensure California’s physicians have a strong voice in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C., and that we can transform our state’s health care system into a model for the entire nation.

Take a look back at the amazing things CMA accomplished in 2019:


Responsive imageLed the fight to pass SB 276, which cracks down on fraudulent medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations. Sponsored AB 744, which revamps the rules regarding telehealth services to increase access to care and ensure physicians are fairly compensated for telehealth services.

Secured $2.2 billion in provider rate increases through the Proposition 56 tobacco tax.

CalMedForce awarded $76 million in tobacco tax revenues to fund more than 300 physician residents across the state.

Announced the first ever CalHealthCares awards, which will pay off $67 million in student loans for 240 physicians and 38 dentists who commit to see more Medi-Cal patients.

Grew our membership to record levels, now representing more than 46,000 California physicians.

Recouped more than $1.3 million from payors on behalf of CMA’s physician members.

What Our Members Say

"As a CMA member, I was proud to maintain the integrity of the medical profession. Together with CMA and my specialty society, the scope of practice was protected by our legislation involvement."

Suresh K. Sachdeva, M.D. Pediatric
Member since 1991

"CMA fights the big fights so that physicians can do what we do best – care for our patients. Whether it’s scope of practice, self-governance, or unfair payment practices, CMA is always there to defend our interests."

Douglas Brosnan, M.D.Emergency Medicine
Member since 2003

"I'm proud to be a CMA member because I am afforded the opportunity to be a part of a group that both advocates for other physicians and speaks on behalf of those who don’t feel their voices are heard: our patients."

Jennifer Jackson, M.D. Family Medicine
Member since 2014